Paeonia mascula

Max Withers
Thu, 07 Apr 2011 10:34:10 PDT
Thank you, Mary Sue, for your cautionary (and inspiring!) tale. I feel 
very lucky to have obtained P. cambessedesii and P. mascula from Ellen 
Hornig last year, just before she closed Seneca Hill. The former appears 
to be thriving in a pot after its first winter here in Oakland. I'd 
prefer not to talk about the latter.

Two notes of interest at least to Californians on the list:
1. UC Botanic Garden has several fine examples of what appear to be the 
same taxon of tree peony, labelled T. suffruticosa, which was blooming 
spectacularly last week. The massive white flowers have purple basal 
blotches that I associate with P. rockii, but I do not pretend to have 
an opinion about tree peony taxonomy. I believe Kew published yet 
another monograph of Paeonia last year.

The garden is in the Berkeley hills, and probably gets a more chilling 
hours than lower-lying areas, but I cannot say how many.

2. I have heard that a well-known Bay Area nursery frequently mentioned 
here is growing P. cambessedesii, though I do not know when it will be 

Oakland CA

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