Ina Crossley
Mon, 25 Apr 2011 18:46:26 PDT
Thank you Mary Sue.  Not always does it mention if plants go dormant, 
but it looks like most of them don't.

I find it interesting that I bought the Cyrtanthus Venus bulbs locally.  
They were growing in a pot on a shaded table with large trees around.  
The soil was very wet, yet it was flowering.

But now have a better idea of what to expect after reading the Wiki page 
and the links.  And your comment about the C brachyscyphus.


On 26/04/2011 12:24 p.m., Mary Sue Ittner wrote:
> Hi Ina,
> Cyrtanthus comes from both winter and summer rainfall areas and the
> different species have different requirements. Some of them
> definitely go dormant. Cyrtanthus was the topic of the week once and
> we have links to the introductions for it on the wiki Cyrtanthus page.
> <…>
> There is also a link to an article written by Graham Duncan on this
> genus as well.
> My C. brachyscyphus never completely go dormant even though I water
> them much less during winter and then step up the watering when I can
> see they are starting to send up scapes.
> I think you'll find some very useful information if you check out the
> introductions, the wiki Cyrtanthus pages, and the article we have linked.
> Mary Sue
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