Veltheimia brac. aurea

Matt Mattus
Fri, 01 Apr 2011 18:50:51 PDT
I must be lucky, the strain I have of a a yellow Veltheimia bracteata is
very strong, in fact, stronger than my pink forms. The foliage is more
fleshy, green and a bit more fragile than the other strains, but he plant
and the floral display is taller than the pink forms in my collection.

I purchased one bulb eight years ago, and each bulb divides into two or
three bulbs with each years growth. Last year, I have six pots, and I ended
up sharing them with friends. I then thought that I gave all of them away,
but I then found a smaller bulb that was as offset, and now it has matured,
bloomed, and has divided into two bulbs.

This year, those bulbs have matured to their full size ( about 3.5 inches in
diameter, which is considerably larger than my other Veltheimia bracteata
and V. bracteata rose-alba). The flower stems are also about twice as tall
as my pink forms. 

I don't remember where I purchased this bulb, perhaps Telos, but you can see
photos of it on my blog or on my Flickr page. My Rose-Alba form is much
weaker, but still floriferous. I divided all of my Veltheimia this past
autumn, so they are all a little small this year, but now I have far too
many. I will be sharing them in the late summer with PBS BX ( but, sorry, no
yellow since I gave them all away but those two!).

Matt Mattus
Worcester, MA
In Zone 5, where we had 6.5 inches of snow today.

On 4/1/11 4:23 PM, "AW" <> wrote:

> Dear Jude,
> I find the 'yellow' form a weaker growing plant, but it does bloom reliably.
> The only d

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