Ledebouria sp.

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 Thanks Nhu. 
I bought most of mine from an Ebay seller in South Africa. They claim their seeds are fresh - but could it be that they are just old? It sounds like my conditions are pretty much what they need. 
By now, they have been planted for a couple of months - 2-3 months. Time to discard them and try again? 
Thanks, Jude


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Seeds of Ledebouria are ephemeral and will only last about 6 months so you

may want to plant them as soon as you can manage in the right season. I

plant them underneath about 1/4 inch (1/2cm) of potting mix and with good

seeds have had decent luck with germination. I kept the pots indoors where

they stayed warm until germination.


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>  Do these tend to have low germination rates? I plant them, pretty much on

> top of the soil, and keep moist. If somebody knows of a better method, let

> me know!


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