Bellevalia webbiana

Jim McKenney
Thu, 21 Apr 2011 07:04:02 PDT
After the Notholirion post, this is a bit like going from if not the sublime to the ridiculous than at least the major to the seemingly trivial. Little Bellevalia webbiana is blooming now. I don't recall it having ever been mentioned by this group. Again, it's a plant I received from Jane McGary (in 2006, the same shipment which brought the Notholirion). 

This is not a conspicuous plant, but it's one I've come to like. The flowers are white, but the anthers are black and the contrast is interesting. It's similar to the plant shown on the wiki as B. romana. 

It's not on the wiki yet, so if someone will load the image, I'll provide one. 

My big plant of Bellevalia longipes did not reappear last year and I was afraid that it was a goner. But this year I notice three very small plants, two of which are going to bloom. If you don't know this one, check it out- it's one of the tumbleweed species. 

Jim McKenney 

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