University of California at Santa Cruz Arboretum and Worsleya article

Jim McKenney
Thu, 21 Apr 2011 10:02:08 PDT
Thanks, Bob, the color of the flowers in that photo is fantastic!

Eighteen years to bloom? That reminds me of the Davidia in my garden (blooming now) - it took seventeen years for it to bloom and it has gotten better every year since. My Worsleya are now three years old; let's see, eighteen minus three...I might not live that long.

When Worsleya is young, sections perpendicular to the width of the leaf will be in a horizontal plane. But in mature plants the same section is in a vertical plane. The mature leaves seem to be positioned so that they would get a minimum of driect sun during the middle of the day. Does anyone know an explanation for this? It's so unusual that it must have some adaptive significance. 

Jim McKenney

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