Paramongaia weberbaueri seeds

Ton Wijnen
Thu, 21 Apr 2011 02:05:39 PDT
Hallo Andy

I have germinating Paramongaia seeds a few years ago in a warm greenhouse.
I am living in the Netherlands.
The temp in the green house was 22 Celcius at day and 20 Celcius at night.
The soil was good drained and I put a plastic bag over the pot. Make the
soil once moisty and than the plastic bag over the pot.
When the seeds are germinating, the seedlings have two leaves, take the
plastic bag away. But still little bit watering the seedlings, I did spray
them every day.
Not in the full sun.
Paramongaia seedlings are growing very, very slowly, I have now 5 seedlings
about 3 years old, the bulbs are only a half cm.


Kind regards

Ton Wijnen
The Netherlands

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Onderwerp: [pbs] Paramongaia weberbaueri seeds

Hi All, just got the Paramongaia seeds, now I really need someone advise on
to grow the plant from seed. Could someone make suggestion like how to
the seed and what kind of soil I should use later on. Any input will be 


Best regards,


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