crinum sp ? pic

Robin Carrier
Mon, 04 Apr 2011 13:16:31 PDT
oops - sorry .  mine are almost through blooming but are only 10" tall  and 
the foliage  become reddish at the base.  the  stem is  only about 3'8 of an 
inch.   the flower is white, turning slightly pinkish as it ages and  the 
petals emerge from a double pinkish   receptical  or sepal on one side. 
also if the crown is where the plant emerges from the ground, yes  the stem 
come up on one side.   sorry if i jumped the gun.  i'll try to get someone 
to help me with a photo tomorrow.

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> Hi All,
> I think it is too large to be anything other than a crinum. The foliage is 
> grey/green color and the flower stalk has emerged from the side and not 
> from the center of the crown.
> The flower stalk is a bit over 2 ft tall and over an inch in diameter.
> Justin
> Woodville, TX 8b/9a
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