Fungus Gnats

Kelly O'Neill
Sat, 02 Apr 2011 03:53:54 PDT
On 31 Mar 2011 at 16:20, Lee Poulsen wrote:
> ARS scientists are moving closer to developing an environmentally
> friendly bacteria-based biocontrol agent that
> offers long-lasting protection against caterpillars and other
> pests in a garden or cultivated field.

Sounds like they are trying to find a strain that survives in soil or 
other media for an extended duration. Maybe, since I think I am 
keeping them alive in soil, I'm just a better grower of BT :-) than 
the experts. Or, maybe the soilless mix I use or the heated 
nighttimes or something I am doing is different from the 
conditions they are trying to deal with. Or, maybe I am believing 
what I want to believe? All quite possible in my mind. 
    I'll use my strategy until it does not seem to be working any 
longer. I am nervous about their potential success with creating 
'super BT' strains as they are rather broad spectrum and I'm 
not sure we want them spreading across the surface of the 

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