Nomenclature of Leucojum 'Gravetye Giant' was: Re: NOT -Leucojum aestivum cvs.?

bulborum botanicum
Mon, 18 Apr 2011 00:07:20 PDT
"I cannot understand why this excellent publication is not being read by more"

The answer is easy
4 volumes UK: £29. Overseas: £43
and most volumes don't talk about bulbs at all
I buy old issues
for a reasonable price
but I would love to read your article


2011/4/18 John Grimshaw <>:
> I wrote an extensive article on variation in and cultivars of Leucojum
> aestivum in 'The Plantsman', March 2008, and another on L. vernum, March
> 2007. I can send pdfs of these articles to anyone interested.

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