Scilla paucei pics ? = L. socialis

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Mon, 18 Apr 2011 15:50:18 PDT
 Thanks Aaron for your input! Should I, then, be calling this plant L. paucifolia, or even L. socialis paucifolia? I just want to make sure that when I trade, or even offer these bulbs, to the PBS, or members, I use the correct name. I just have an issue with the fact that regular L. socialis is vastly different, color-wise, and shape-wise (leaves.) I don't mean to open, or maintain, a can of worms here - just want to educate myself. 
Best, Jude


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This form of Ledebouria socialis is frequently sold/offered under the names 

luteo-socialis, pauciflora, and under some Scilla names. I have also seen it as 

Drimiopsis burkei. The correct name is L. pauciFOLIA not -flora. Baker did not 

specify how it differed from L. socialis described in the same paper. Both were 

from the "Cape Colony." But, reading through the descriptions the number of 

leaves and number of flowers per inflorescence differs, slightly. For a name 

call it L. socialis -- broad leaved form. The variation in this very widespread 

eastern South African species needs work, but the range in variation is not 

likely quantitatively significant.


 Knoxville, Tennessee, but not from here.

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Here the picture from Jude

from the Ledebouria…



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