sunchokes, yacón, and oca

Dennis Kramb
Fri, 01 Apr 2011 08:52:39 PDT
I'm preparing my vegetable garden this year and decided to try sunchokes,
aka: jerusalem artichokes.  Obviously a geophyte, I'm wondering what
experiences people on the PBS list have with different varieties & flavors
of this plant.  I ended up buying some tubers from a small farm in North
Carolina.  They're not any particular named variety... just listed as

During my internet searching I also nearly bought a similar South American
plant called yacón.  But decided to stick with the sunchokes for now, since
sunchokes don't need to be protected here in wintertime.  Does anyone on PBS
grow yacón?

Several of you were growing oca last year.  I think that my climate is too
cold for good crop production of oca, but maybe there are some cold tolerant
varieties now?  Anyone know?

I'm hungry.  :-)
Dennis in Cincinnati

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