Leucojum aestivum cvs.?

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Sat, 02 Apr 2011 07:18:24 PDT
Do you know of a source of Gertrude Weisser?

At 11:24 PM 3/30/2011, you wrote:

>I know that Gravetye Giant may take a couple of years for its extra 
>large size and flowers to materialise.
>But saying that, they are not that much bigger than any other form, 
>just enough to warrant cultivation.
>Re: yellow tips.This is surely a L.vernum form? This is called 
>L.vernum var. 'Wagneri' variously. I have from Germany a form which 
>is very good and stable called 'Eva Habermeyer'.I have never heard 
>of a L.aestivum doing this trick.
>There are quite a few cultivars being selected of L. vernum and some 
>being sold by Joe Sharman at Monksilver Plants in Cambridgeshire in 
>the U.K. But in all honesty they are only botanical oddities and 
>vary so little as yet from the species.
>The semi-double L. vernum 'Gretrude Weisser' is around.It is a north 
>american selection.
>I am still waiting for a true and beautiful double form of either of 
>these species.
>Kind regards,
> > Message du 31/03/11 00:04
> > De : "James Waddick"
> > A : "Pacific Bulb Society"
>" I've grown L. aestivum for ages. I just noticed a first
> > flower on bulbs purchased as 'Gravetye Giant'. I bought bulbs with
> > this name specifically to compare it to the old unnamed variety grown
> > and seeding around. I can see no difference.
> >
> > I understand that there is a cv with yellow spots replacing
> > the green at the distal tips of each petal. Does such a cv exist ?
> > and what is it called?
> >
> > Are there any other cultivars or un-name variants available
> > in cultivation or from collectors?"
> >
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