Paramongaia weberbaueri seeds

kuang huang
Thu, 21 Apr 2011 21:25:21 PDT
Hi Alberto, thanks for the information, I live in the Mediterranean weather in 
Southern California, I will let you what kind of seed I got later, I will need 
to find out from the donor. thanks

Best regards,


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Subject: [pbs] Paramongaiaweberbaueri seeds

You say nothing about your local conditions.

if they are the winter dormant form sow in spring in pure coarse sand in a deep 
pot with very good drainage holes. Once germination takes place move gradually 
to full sun (they grow in full sun). Careful with the waterings. The worst 
period is the first dormancy but seedlings are apt to keep on growing the first 
and second season with no dormancy inbetween. On the other hand once mature will 
live and flower for many years.

In summary, hot desert warm season bulb (there is a winter growing form in 
cultivation). Bulbs very deep in the soil, large, offsetting slowly. Dry winter 
dormant for a long season.

Good luck

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> Subject: [pbs] Paramongaiaweberbaueri seeds
> Hi All, just got the Paramongaia seeds, now I really need someone advise on how 
> to grow the plant from seed. Could someone make suggestion like how to 
> the seed and what kind of soil I should use later on. Any input will be 
> appreciated.
> Thanks
> Best regards,
> Andy
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