Fritillaria - Variegated ?
Tue, 12 Apr 2011 13:00:17 PDT
 My neighbor does work his soil, so my soil might be poor - but I bought mine from Home Depot, so it might not be a healthy bulb to begin with. I will try again with a better source. 
Thanks! Jude




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Helo Jude

Maybe your soil is to poor

Fritillaria imperialis loves a rich soil

and many salesman sell bulbs with hart-rot

always if you buy bulbs the bulb must be wrapped in tissue

otherwise the early appearing roots dry out

bulbs must be white at the bottom


2011/4/12 <>

This weekend, I visited Odyssey Bulbs, here in Massachusetts, and was

blown away by his diverse collection. What struck me, especially, were

his variegated Fritillarias. I've never seen these before - they are

very interesting looking with the yellow edges on the leaves. Anybody

else grow these?


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