Real PBS meetings
Thu, 07 Apr 2011 16:18:47 PDT
Around a month ago I posted a notice of a talk on Irids being given by members Charles Hardman and Tom Glavich. in the Los Angeles area.   At least six PBS members showed up at that talk so we do get together in Southern California once in awhile. 
I will post notice to PBS of other talks of interest in this area and perhaps members in other areas could do the same.  For instance I would go as far as San Diego and maybe even Northern California since there is family there.

Another opportunity to get together or meet other members is the significant number of members in the directory who are willing to show their garden to other members with advance notice.  Keep this in mind while traveling. There are more like myself who could be talked into it although I am way behind in weeding most of the time and it is rarely a good show
Patty Colville
Pasadena, CA

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