Fred Biasella
Wed, 13 Apr 2011 15:48:13 PDT
Hi Jude,

Where in Massachusetts do you live? I live in Cambridge and hopefully not
too far away from you. Like you, I grow a lot of perennials outside and some
of them are "supposedly" not rates for this area. I also grow lots of
clivia, South African bulbs , a few orchids and other tropicals as well.
Please add my name to your news letter.

Warm Regards and Thanks,
Fred Biasella

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It's that time of the month again - I'm about to send out my latest
newsletter - I write them once or twice a month, with cool plant info, as
well as what I'm growing - just a fun way to stay connected, and to meet new
people. If you would like to start receiving my newsletters, please contact
me privately via email. To all of you new members, my name is Jude, and I
grow a wide variety of tropicals, and perennials here in Massachusetts,
outside, and in my plant house, and love meeting new plant nuts!
Happy spring to all of you!
Best, Jude

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