Hi Everyone a question ?

steven hart hartsentwine.australia@gmail.com
Wed, 17 Aug 2011 02:36:36 PDT
Hello Ron

Thank u so much for the advise !
Its so nice to have been contacted by a couple of collectors in Australia,
i'm in the mountains near Esk so we are nearly neighbors.

I have only just started my new love for these beautiful gems & i would like
to build a special collection of them too, i think they are superb. If u
ever sell any of your collection, i'd be more than happy to become an avid
collector haha.........I'm ever increasing the garden meterage  :-)

I have a funny feeling i wouldn't have something u wish for but u never
know, what else do u collect ?
Do u like crinums ?  I have about 26 different ones so far & i'm pretty
proud of them. I love a story & i have a couple that survived the sailing
ships, they are from Africa one imported in 1828 & the other in 1880, a
special part of history i think, as a crinum collector anyway. I can see its
going to be a lifetime obsession..........Yippee..................

Spring has already sprung for me.......
Should i plant the Worslea seeds now ??

On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 12:07 AM, Ronald Redding <ron_redding@hotmail.com>wrote:

> Hi Steven
> I have probably answered this question over 1000 times, I will give you a
> quick run down on my method.
> I use cooled boiled water and float the seeds at room temperature - usually
> after a week or two you will see radicles emerge (you need to be careful
> here as mold or fungus can develop which I have found mainly attacks older
> seeds, this needs to be treated as soon as it is detected). Once a seed has
> a radicle about 1cm long (1/2" for our US members) I then plant the seed
> into my standard growing medium. I have learnt that young plants will
> perform better with some morning sun and light shade in the hottest part of
> the day, I also try and keep them warm during winter. As the plants matures
> they receive full sun all day during Winter and then full sun only part of
> the day during Summer. I achieve this by having them facing north against a
> wall of my shadehouse of facing north on the northern side of a tree or
> shrub (also bamboo at my place). I would have them on the Southern side if I
> lived in the Northern hemisphere.
> Also for your information I have germinated and grown hundreds of my own
> and others seed of worselya and also many other plants, my basic method now
> is that if the seed will float then that is how I will germinate it. This
> buys me time and I don't have to constantly worry that my new seed will
> dessicate because of lack of water, hope this helps. My worsleya collection
> now consists of many different clones from all over the world and now I have
> a good number of my own seedlings from seed that I have set myself, which I
> am very proud of.
> Kind Regards and Best Wishes Ron Redding Hervey Bay Australia
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> > Hi everyone !
> >
> > I'm in Queensland Australia, Sub Tropical Environment..
> >
> > I'm looking for help to germinate Worsleya rayneri from seed ?
> >
> > I have some seeds that were so expensive, I'm a bit worried to get it
> > wrong..............
> >
> > Please let me know if you've had some success !!
> >
> > Happy Gardening...........
> > Steven
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