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Fri, 12 Aug 2011 16:54:34 PDT
I thought it had to do with insufficient cold hours to enforce a dormancy
time in winter. Depending on  wintertime conditions that could amount to the
conditions you indicate. If it is a dry winter, as it usually is until early
January, the bulbs might be OK if temperatures remained cool enough that no
growth is stimulated ( that may be a stretc).They would then respond to
January/February rains when it is relatively cool. If, however, rains came
two months earlier when dayime temperatures are still quite high, that could
spring disaster (no pun inteded). 

If your theory is correct the bulbs could be grown successfully under cover,
keeping them dry until, say February. With bulbs like these Ixiolirions that
treatment could be tried although I had not envisioned growing them along
those lines. I'll consider it. Thanks

San Diego 

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I expect your best bet would be to keep such bulbs as cool as possiable in
growth, and dry when dormant. They are designed to grow in the mild spells
between summer and winter, ie automne/ spring, and if you try to make them
grow when they are hot they rot.

On Sat, Aug 13, 2011 at 12:02 AM, AW <> wrote:

> Thanks, Peter. That was useful information. It does sound, I'm afraid, 
> as though they are not going to do well for me. Tulips are a bust here 
> after a year or two. I'm sure people out there will ask "Have you 
> tried ..? Well, I've tried a quite a few. They're OK for a year or two 
> and then they're ususally gone. It's a pity. Cyclamen are far more 
> adaptable to this climate as you might expect. You can't have everything!
> Andrew
> San Diego
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> It grows well in a fairly sunny position in the uk and is easy in 
> pots. It probably needs temperature fluctuations to end its summer 
> dormancy. Can you grow Tulip species? - it likes similar conditions.
> Peter (UK)
> On Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 10:10 PM, AW <> wrote:
> > One of those ads popped up today from e-Bay telling me about a 
> > beautiful, blue-flowered lily that somebody wanted to sell. It 
> > sounded pretty good but no Latin name for the species was provided. 
> > A little work later, I narrowed it down to possibly Ixiolirion 
> > tataricum. The epithet seems to indicate it comes form central Asia. 
> > For this area, with a nearly frostless climate, that might not be a 
> > good choice. I looked it up in the Wiki and became more or less 
> > convinced that I had the right name. The Wiki did not indicate in 
> > which climate zones the bulbs would be suited. I'm sure somebody 
> > among us grows the attractive
> bulb. Would it grow here?
> >
> > Andrew
> > San Diego
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