Lycoris Season yet?

P. C. Andrews
Mon, 08 Aug 2011 18:19:21 PDT
No sign of lycoris in SE Michigan yet  I've been checking every morning to see if they are breaking through the stones.  Mine are at the front of the cactus bed where they get full rainfall.  We had a month that was quite dry when I gave them supplemental water with the cactus during growing season and then we've had a reasonable amount of rain for the past month.  
Phil Andrews

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> Subject: [pbs] Lycoris Season yet?
> Jim in Kansas City:
> Have your Lycoris started to bloom yet?
> The Chicago region has been inundated with rain/storms this summer with a
> lot of heat and humidity.  I am anxiously (impatiently) watching for the
> first Lycoris spikes.  Discussions in previous years had suggested the
> sometime sporadic flower spike production was linked to low soil moisture -
> which is certainly not an issue this year.
> Many thanks,
> Boyce Tankersley
> Chicago Botanic Garden
> USDA zone 5
> Illinois, USA
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