Trip to Brazil

Shelley GAGE
Fri, 05 Aug 2011 19:02:16 PDT
Dear Jane,
I have had to let the trip in Chile go because I have to be back in Queensland by beginning of October. I have almost organised a guided trip in Brazil for the first two weeks of September starting at Sao Paulo Airport hoping to see a number of amaryllids in flower. There is space for one or two others if anyone is interested. I have a probable itinerary which we are working on.
Shelley Gage Australia

On 06/08/11, Jane McGary <> wrote:
> Kathleen wrote,
> >Can anyone tell me about Lobelia tupa? Mine had one stalk for 2-3 
> >years, flowering late each summer. This year there are 5 plants, all 
> >about 3-5 ft from the original. I'm trying to decide if these are 
> >seedlings or shoots from underground runners.
> My Chilean native plants for the garden book mentions propagating 
> this species only from seed, not from root cuttings. In nature one 
> sees this species as a single clumping plant or as a colony, but I 
> don't know if the colonies are formed by seed or stolons. Seedlings 
> should be noticeably smaller than the parent plant, which when mature 
> can have a stalk up to 2 meters tall or even more. However, when I 
> grew it in the Pacific Northwest, it never got that tall.
> Jane McGary
> Portland, Oregon, USA
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