PBS Market Place - Gone - CLOSED - Finished

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Sun, 21 Aug 2011 20:20:48 PDT
Dear Friends,
	PBS is closing the PBS Market Place effective immediately.

	Ellen Hornig has been the generous host of the PBS Market 
Place for a trial period, but  due to changes
in family circumstances she will to be relocating to Massachusetts. 
She has to close the internet hosting site for us.

	Interest in the independent commercial PBS Market Place has 
not really met our expectations. Few people have made use of this 
service. The Officers and Board of Directors are very grateful to 
Ellen for her generous offer to host the site, provide a free 
location and tend to daily problems. We want to thank her for her 
independent generosity and good nature through the trial. We all wish 
her the best with her move and new situation. We hope when she is 
relocated she will rejoin the elist and continue to contribute as she 
has in the past.

	Thanks very much for all you have done for PBS, Ellen.

	For those of you who used and tried the PBS Market Place, we 
appreciate your participation. Should the prospect for a commercial 
site  find a need, we would gladly entertain a new plan. Meanwhile 
thanks for working with this trial. We remain open to trying new 
venues and services to the list and PBS membership.

			Best		Jim W.
Dr. James W. Waddick
8871 NW Brostrom Rd.
Kansas City Missouri 64152-2711
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