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Ton Wijnen ton1.wijnen@planet.nl
Wed, 10 Aug 2011 11:47:12 PDT
Hallo Dell

Thank you very much for your advice.

Kind regards


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Dear Ton, 

I've read that Pamianthe peruviana is the most closely related amaryllid to
Paramongaia. I grow and bloom it, but I cannot get pollen again until next
spring. Also, accor ding to what I have read, the so-called "pancratoid"
amaryllids which have a central corona in the flowers like hymenocallis,
phaedranassa, or stenomesson, are also related more closely than, e.g,
hippeastrum. or rhodophiala or, much less, lycoris which is not from the New

Personally, I'd lump them all into Senegalia and refer to them as Acacia in
my personal correspondence so as not to offend any of the traditionalists.  
Just kidding! 


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Hallo all 


Today I was in my little greenhouse and saw that my Paramongaia has a flower


For the first time. Very exciting. 

I think it costs still a few weeks when the Paramongaia is flowering. 

I was reading when I will get seeds , I must have another clone/plant 

Is that right? And who can help me with pollen? 

Another question is, is there any possibility to cross this Paramongaia with

another Amaryllidaceae? 

Such as Hippeastrum, Lycoris, Hymenocallis or so. 


Please let me know. 


Thank you very much for your advice 


Kind regards 


Ton Wijnen 

The Netherlands 

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