Intergeneric crosses

Brian Whyer
Sat, 20 Aug 2011 14:04:23 PDT
Could this be what we are looking for?
Brian Whyer, England

--- On Sat, 20/8/11, Diane Whitehead <> wrote:

From: Diane Whitehead <>
Subject: Re: [pbs] Intergeneric crosses
To: "Pacific Bulb Society" <>
Date: Saturday, 20 August, 2011, 19:45

I've tried twice and can't see the article.  The Google books page  
shows a picture of the front cover and a partial table of contents,  
but says that no preview is available.

There is a free ebook of the 1889 Gardeners' Chronicle.

What should I be doing to read the article from 1901?

Diane Whitehead

On 19-Aug-11, at 3:49 PM, Tony Avent wrote:

> =onepage&q=the%20gardeners%20chronicle%20inter-generic 
> %20crosses&f=false

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