What's blooming now ... week of Aug 21st, 2011

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Mon, 22 Aug 2011 12:39:59 PDT
>Some more Lycoris are blooming now.  L. sprengeri is now in full bloom,

Dear Friends,
	Like Jim S, my Lycoris are going strong again. Still have L. 
squamigera, longituba, chinensis and sprengeri. L. anhuiensis got 
blown over in the same storm that knocked me off line all weekend. 
DARN!! Various hybrids abound, too.

	New this week are L. incarnata and a strange pale 
orange/tangerine beauty  pictured at 
	This is so unlike anything else I grow.

	And the first shoots are showing of L. caldwellii, the last 
of the spring foliage types.

	IF any of the fall foliage species manage to bloom I expect L 
radiata in a week or two, maybe others. Generally these do not do 
very well here.

	Noticed a few blooms in a pot of Habreanthus martinezii from 
an older PBS Bulb offer, I think. Pale pink and like a mini Lycoris.

	We've had enough rain this week to bring flowers to pots of 
Zephyranthes candida, citrina and a couple others. None of the rain 
lilies are hardy here.

	And a few late Crinum linger on. Their gigantic 6 foot plus 
long foliage is a wonder of the temperate garden. Wow.

	Off topic:  last night brought the first flower of the huge 
night blooming cereus (Hylocereus undatus). Over 10 in across, pure 
white and about as exotic as any flower gets. Dazzling and worth 
staying up late to see in all its glory.

	See what next week brings - more excitement.		Best 
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