Question on Clivia

Susan B
Thu, 25 Aug 2011 19:34:07 PDT
Hi Eric,
Clivia are happy with neglect, and love to be underpotted.  I have some that are badly in need of repotting, by that I mean they have hardly any soil in their pots at all, roots are climbing over the top, a few have split open their pots (I can send you some photos), yet they are happily growing and flowering.  In fact, they rarely flowered until they got to the crowded-in-their-pot stage.
The only time I lost plants was when I separated and repotted them in October, for what that is worth.  I have mine in regular potting soil with a little added perlite and sand.  

Hope that helps!

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Hello everyone, 
I bought my first clivia (labeled yellow flowered clivia). I'm a Lilium guy and I have little or no knowledge on how to grow it well and I'm looking for advice.
It is in a seven inch plastic pot and the plant has 17 leaves and is about 27 inches high. It is outside (half shaded area) and has been since early July 
What size pot should it be repotted into and what is the best time to replant it. Also what type of mix should it be planted in.
Thanks in advance, 
Eric Duma 
Western New York 
Zone 5b 

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