Growing seed of Geissorhiza inflexa

Michael Mace
Tue, 16 Aug 2011 23:13:55 PDT
>>Are these light sensitive, or should they be covered?  

I'd plant the seed a couple of mm deep.

>>Any special soil, or just a standard seed raising mix?

The same mix you would use for other summer-dormant bulbs.  I use 50-50 sand
and milled peat, with inorganic fertilizer.  GO easy on the organics.

>>As it is early spring here, should they be kept until autumn?  

Yes, definitely.  If you plant them now they won't have time to form bulbs
before summer, and may die (if they try to go dormant) or rot (if they try
to keep growing).

And yes, keep the pots out of the rain in the summer.  Don't get them hot,
but also don't get them wet.


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