Variegated Clivia seedlings

steven hart
Mon, 29 Aug 2011 01:33:35 PDT
Hello Peter
Well a curly question about viruses ha......judging by all your question
marks, u need your answer desperately haha........

Variegation is caused by mutation in the plant's chromoplasts & It can only
be inherited from the ovary parent in clivias.

Virus, chemical stress & gamma radiation are common causes & malnutrition
can be an accelerant.
Wild clivias have been recorded, with viral variegation but it is very rare.
It would be more likely seen in huge commercial growing conditions, like in
China, where there are possible keys that allow the infection to take hold,
like chemical interruption of cellular growth & malnutrition is usually not
a problem in nurseries but erratic feeding may be a key also.

Like i said i was experimenting with ornamental & Australian natives, so I'm
only offering my personal experience. We didn't grow clivias so i haven't
seen it happen first hand with a clivia. But basicly the same rules will

If anyone would like to add, its an interesting & subject ?

Happy Gardening from Australia !

On Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 11:40 PM, Peter Taggart <>wrote:

> are you sure that variagation in clivias is viral !!!
> ????????????????????????????????????????????
> Peter (UK)
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