Russian Allium - which species?

Markus Breier
Wed, 17 Aug 2011 10:35:20 PDT
Dear pbs-members,

Today I got an Allium I cannot identify. 
Somebody brought it from Russia, where it grows in her grandmothers garden.
- No idea, where it is from originally.

Here a short description:
Leafs about 30-40 cm high, 2,5 cm broad, thin (like A. ampeloprasum)
Inflorescence higher, also with small offset bulbs
Flowers rose
The rhizome divides after each florescence.

Picture of the flower:

Picture of the plant with offset bulbs (left side, on the right for
comparison: A. senescens and A. senescens var glaucum):…

Who has a hint? Which species might that be?

Best Wishes
Markus Breier

Bavaria, Southern Germany
where autumn slowly enters the garden

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