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Sun, 28 Aug 2011 08:14:42 PDT
Is there one of the members who knows something from Dirk Wallace Australia
I try to reach him sins a long time without result
He is contributor for the wiki see text below


Dirk Wallace

I have had a passion for growing plants most of my life. My first
obsession was with orchids and bromeliads, but I found that I needed a
glasshouse to grow the more 'unusual ones' that I wanted to grow. In
1996 I discovered the facinating world of bulbs, and I've been hooked
ever since!

My main interests are in the Iridaceae and Liliaceae (particularly the
Hyacinthaceae) families, but I'm keen on all geophytes, and I'm
usually tempted to give anything a try! South African and South
American genera hold the most interest, but I'm also very keen on many
other's. Some genera I grow include: Albuca, Alophia, Arisaema,
Aristea, Babiana, Calochortus, Cypella, Erythronium, Eucomis,
Ferraria, Fritillaria, Gladiolus, Habranthus, Iris, Lachenalia,
Massonia, Moraea, Oxalis, Romulea, Tigridia, Trillium, Veltheimia,
Watsonia and Zephyranthes.

I have a mail order list of bulbs and seed, Border Gateway Bulbs.

R de Boer
La Maugardiere 1

Phone./Fax 0033-232-576-204
Email:   bulborum@gmail.com

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