Two Hymenocallis? from Mexico

Dennis Szeszko
Tue, 09 Aug 2011 09:45:05 PDT

I agree with others who have chimed in that the first "Hymenocallis" is
actually a Crinum.  The seeds of these species float so it may have escaped
cultivation and floated to the edge of the mangrove where you found it.

The second set of pictures, however, so belong to a Hymenocallis species.
There are two species that are reported from that part of Mexico State.
They are:

1.            *Hymenocallis** harrisiana*.  Herb.

2.            *Hymenocallis** littoralis*. (Jacq.) Salisb.

The first species is definitely much more common and is almost always found
in gallery forest growing at the edges of small rivers.  It has acute,
linear leaves that are not very wide.  Also the segments of the flowers are
very narrow.

The second species is less common but there are verified reports of plants
found in tropical deciduous forest.  Also, it does not have such high
moisture requirements like H. harrisiana.  If I had to take a guess, I would
say that your plant is likely H. littoralis, but without seeing it in person
it's impossible to be certain.


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Subject: [pbs] Two Hymneocallis? from Mexico
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A couple more unidentified bulbs I found blooming in the wild  in Mexico.
Any help in ID'ing these plants (or directing me to an expert  for this
family or genus) would be appreciated .

The first is from the edge of a Manglar on the lagoon side of the  sand bar
near Barra Coyuca, Guerrero (about 20 KM north west of Acapulco. It was
growing in a place that floods, only a few meters above sea level. The
are up to a meter tall, and the flowers over 15 cm in diameter. The
pictures  were taken on  30 July of this year. The link is:


The second is from a hillside just east of El Platanar, Estado de  Mexico
on a semi-arid, somewhat grazed, west facing,  slope at an  elevation of
meters in the semi shade of a blooming but leafless Calabash  tree. The
plants, including the flower are up to 30 cm tall. I photographed this
on 4 June of this year. The link for this plant is:


Thanks again, Dale

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