Louisiana iris

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Sun, 14 Aug 2011 21:33:08 PDT
>I'll also check other irises, but the news about the water irises in
>Louisiana going dormant after bloom is a pity.
	Never fear. Not all of them go quite so dormant and 
especially if grown in 6 or more inches of water. You might ask 
around to see which ones look best in summer in your area. Isn't 
there a southern CA iris Society or two around?

	Other suggestions such as the new Pseudata iris are great 
although I am not sure of their tolerance for water over their 
rhizomes. They are half Japanese and Japanese Iris do not tolerate 
submergence year round. They have a large range of colors and 
patterns and are totally sterile so do not seed around

	Personally I think the best water iris are cvs of I. 
laevigata.  There are single and double flowered forms, blue, white, 
purple and one with brilliantly variegated foliage stay looking good 
all season.

	There's also some interesting foliage reeds (Phragmites and 
Arundo) as well as a very pretty variegated cat tail (Typha). And for 
the same look a variegated foliage Acorus calamus. Very pretty with 
glossy leaves.

	Keep looking.		Best		Jim
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