Seed freezing
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Our fellow member, Harold Koopowitz, has done extensive work in the preservation of seeds. Harold, will you give us some direction? 


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I talked with an expert on this several years ago.  Some seeds cannot be 
frozen, of course.  The baccate seeds of genera like Clivia, Crinum, 
Haemanthus, Scadoxus, Hymenocallis, Brunsvigia, Amaryllis, Nerine, and 
others are recalcitrant (i.e., refuse to go into dormancy) as well as being 
full of water and hence unfreezable. 

I was also told (and this was 30 years ago -- maybe things have changed?) 
that oily seeds like Hippeastrum and its relatives are very hard to 
preserve long-term.  I guess they also do not tolerate freezing.  This 
probably includes genera like Zephyranthes, Habranthus, Sprekelia, 
Rhodophiala, and even Worsleya. 

Pity; all the seeds of genera I'm most interested in cannot be preserved by 
drying or freezing. 

Jim Shields 
in Westfield, Indiana 

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>It is the Svalbard Global Seed Vault located on the Norwegian island 
>of Spitsbergen. 
>You can search for deposited seeds by country of origin on their site at: 

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