What's blooming now ... week of Aug 21st, 2011

AW awilson@avonia.com
Sun, 21 Aug 2011 11:00:15 PDT
Thanks for showing these Haemanthus. Busy days for you right now!

San Diego

I found 3 of my seed grown Haemanthus coccineus blooming this morning ...
I am a bit disheartened at the size and color (too orangy) of this and its
two siblings.  Their foliage last winter was as impressive (4-6" wide X
almost 18" long) as their mother's, but the mother bulbs produced larger,
more reddish blooms.  I am thinking perhaps because these seedlings receive
considerably more summer sun ... 1/2 day ... perhaps too much?  The mother
bulbs are in fairly heavy shade.
I was also excited to find scapes emerging on 2 of my Brunsvigia josephinae
bulbs (almost 2 full weeks earlier than normal, for me.)  Both bulbs are 16
years old.  This will be the first bloom for one bulb and the seventh
consecutive for the other.  Should be in full bloom in about 10 days.
Many of my Amaryllis belladonnas and Amarygias are now in full bloom.  I
think I have posted the following one before ... which has heavy, waxy and
ruffled petals, and is one of my favorites:
finally ... a little progress on the scape of Brunsvigia litoralis posted
last week.  Still not in bloom yet but hopefully in a couple more days:
Ken Blackford
San Diego

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