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Pamela Harlow
Fri, 12 Aug 2011 08:24:05 PDT
Thanks for the new photos; this is a good service.

Chlorine bleach is always recommended on this site as the disinfection
agent.  Is there any research comparing chlorine bleach to GreenShield, a
horticultural disinfectant on the market?  GreenShield has several
advantages.  A bath of it retains its usefulness for at least a week, while
chlorine bleach loses half of its potency within 5 hours, or so I was
taught.  GreenShield is much gentler on tools and textiles and may not
produce the dangerous vapors that bleach does.

Further, the advice to discard clay (and, presumably, concrete) pots doesn't
make sense to me.  Is this supported by research?  Clay is very porous to
fluids.  I am reminded of the study on kitchen cutting boards conducted at
the University of Wisconsin a few years back.  Contrary to expectation, wood
harbored many fewer bacteria than plastic.  Of course, viruses are not
bacteria, and wood is not clay.  My point is just that conventional wisdom
may mislead.

Finally, I've often wondered if infected aphids transmit viruses to their
clonal offspring.  Does anyone know?

Pamela Harlow

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Janos Agoston has added some wonderful virus photos to our wiki virus page:

This is kind of a long page, but look for the photos of  genera in 
the middle. He has added Crocus, Lily, and a lot of Tulipa photos. 
Thanks Janos.

Mary Sue

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