Erythrina herbacea

Eugene Zielinski
Mon, 01 Aug 2011 20:41:47 PDT
You should be OK if you germinate the seeds now.  Or, you can unearth and
clean off the seeds, store them over the winter, and start them in spring. 
Or you could try both.
If you do start them now, you should have some small (3-6 inch) plants by
October.  You'll definite need to bring them indoors for the winter.  When
you bring them indoors, they'll probably lose their leaves.  You can keep
them dry, but not desiccated, over the winter.  I'd recommend watering them
lightly (just moisten the surface of the potting medium) once a week or
every two weeks, so that the young plants don't shrivel.
In coastal Georgia, E. herbacea is usually a small shrub.  (I've seen it
grow much larger in south Texas.)  In Augusta, it survives and blooms as
a(n) herbaceous perennial.

Eugene Zielinski
Augusta, GA

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> Is it a mistake to germinate them mid-summer?
> (will they mature enough to overwinter?  or would i bring the pots indoors
> and grow under lights?)
> Thanks,
> Dennis
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