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Sun, 14 Aug 2011 08:44:26 PDT
For reasons I wont go into, but forgetfullness comes into it, we recently lifted bulbs of this taxon which seems to have had a great time multiplying underground over the past 10 years. Falling off of flowering was clearly due to bulb congestion underground, these bulbs settled down to a level of 10 - 15 cms below the surface. With us there has been absolutely no negative issues due to low winter temperatures indeed a spell without snow but down to - 22 C caused no probems. Soil is a glaciated sandy grit with a pH of 4.5. Given its natural distribution that seems to be par for the species. I would be happy to donate gratis some bulbs and just possibly there might be a few seeds left but I would have to check, bulbs I know we have to spare. Problem might be a Phyto certificate though, e.g. what needs to be covered in such a doc for the USA as an example? We can get our government inspectors to produce them but they are located some distance off so it would be best for some spe
 cific details of points to be covered however before I look into it. Let me know if of any interest. I suspect this taxon would be ill suited to wet clays over winter but they probably wont be too happy under semi desert or extreme hot direct sunlight either.


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