Two Hymneocallis? from Mexico
Mon, 08 Aug 2011 09:01:32 PDT
A couple more unidentified bulbs I found blooming in the wild  in Mexico. 
Any help in ID'ing these plants (or directing me to an expert  for this 
family or genus) would be appreciated . 
The first is from the edge of a Manglar on the lagoon side of the  sand bar 
near Barra Coyuca, Guerrero (about 20 KM north west of Acapulco. It was  
growing in a place that floods, only a few meters above sea level. The plants  
are up to a meter tall, and the flowers over 15 cm in diameter. The 
pictures  were taken on  30 July of this year. The link is:
The second is from a hillside just east of El Platanar, Estado de  Mexico 
on a semi-arid, somewhat grazed, west facing,  slope at an  elevation of 1240 
meters in the semi shade of a blooming but leafless Calabash  tree. The 
plants, including the flower are up to 30 cm tall. I photographed this  plant 
on 4 June of this year. The link for this plant is: 
Thanks again, Dale

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