Bulb-growing and wood

Nhu Nguyen xerantheum@gmail.com
Sun, 21 Aug 2011 09:07:01 PDT
Hi Mike,

As a person who studies fungi, I have some input on what you may have

The wood decay fungi which you have seen as white filaments on the wood tend
to be more specific in eating just wood. They are very good at decaying
wood, but they also need water and other nutrients. So to do this they send
out thick cords (called rhizomorphs) in search of nutrients and water. Of
course the best place to get this is inside your pots which remain more
moist, complete with some delectable nitrogen. This is why you're seeing the
white rhizomorphs inside of the pot. I have pots that have grown very
thickly with white fungi but the bulb/corms remains perfectly fine.

This is not to say that the fungi you have didn't cause issues for your
bulbs, but generally, it's the fungi that you cannot see that you should be
worried about. Those are the ones that specifically grow within living plant
tissue and cause their demise. Most of the time you can't even see them
until the plant has already suffered.


On Sat, Aug 20, 2011 at 3:40 PM, Michael Mace <michaelcmace@gmail.com>wrote:

>   I believe now that
> rot was starting in the wooden slats, and then spreading up into the pots,
> where it nailed the bulbs.

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