Whats blooming week of Aug 29 2011

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Mon, 29 Aug 2011 14:25:38 PDT
Dear Friends,

	Even without added rain, pots of Zephyranthes candida are 
blooming like crazy. They seem to fill gallon nursery pots every day 
or two from edge to edge.  Here's a simple non-hardy bulb that 
requires very little effort and performs like a champ . I suppose I 
will thin the bulbs later (look out BX) and add some fresh soil.

	The star of the garden continues to be Lycoris.

	My first Lycoris squamigera started about the first of the 
month (Aug) and they are at their last ragged blooms, but there are 
still a few L. longituba, sprengeri and hybrids finishing up. The 
next round starring L. incarnata  are about done, but the current 
round's star is L. caldwellii. The early ones are in full bloom and 
later blooming plants are still emerging from the ground.

	I 'think' emergence is based on a variety of factors. Rain is 
foremost, but with L. caldwellii at least I think there are other 
factors as well, but all water related - more or less sun, proximity 
to water sucking roots of trees, etc. At this rate I'll have 2 weeks 
of bloom on this species along bringing the season to a minimum of 
five weeks.

	I never count on L. radiata or L. houdeyshellii. These are 
the only fall foliage species to survive here and they are very 
uneven to bloom. I think they both need both more sun and more 
moisture. I know other people around here can bloom L. radiata every 
year in better sites. I must move these some time.

	With our summer still bouncing near 100 regularly and drought 
just the way of things, nothing else is doing much and even seed 
production seems reduced.  If we get some rain I expect to see some 
fall crocus soon and reblooming iris.

	Anyone else  still blooming Lycoris somewhere?  Jim S, Kelly ?

		Best wishes.		Jim W.

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