Peter Taggart
Mon, 29 Aug 2011 13:06:25 PDT
Thanks for posting your reply Jim,
 this is what my understanding of the stripes in Clivias Aspidistras,
Convalaria and so on represent, also mottling in plants such as Haemanthus,
Occuba, Aspidistra.... And the reason for all my question marks.

I am not in a position to go into details of cell composition in reply to
Steves first response to me as I dont have the scientific knowledge, (unless
I call on my friend who happens to be a virologist ;p)

 "      Added: Most plant variegates are periclinal chimeras (Look it
up) composed of distinct layers and bands of different tissues. Some
of these grow better than others (i.e. often those with more
chlorophyll). Depending on the specific nature of the anatomy, green
portions can overtake non-green sections and seem to 'grow out' of
variegation. Many of these variegates are simply unstable and should
not be sold or distributed as stable cvs."


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