What's blooming - Week of August 15, 2010

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Wed, 17 Aug 2011 16:05:32 PDT

In my school garden, near the wall, at least 2 Amaryllis belladonna bulbs are spiking, the one that bloomed last year has two spikes and the first flower should open tomorrow.  Zephyranthes candida is also blooming not far away, as is Crocosmia aurea, the latter is in bloom at home and at school in at least three spots (its spreading, but I love the large orange flowers), and in a large pot at home as well.  Kniphofia porphyrantha and K. triangularis are blooming at home, Seemannia nematanthodes Evita is blooming at home along a wall, at school it was blooming but rabbits or voles chewed it back.  Candy lilies (Pardecantha or Iris x norrisii or whatever its called these days) are mostly finishing up, with some late blooms still going.  Gladiolus dalenii and hybrids thereof are blooming, and more will come into bloom from late planted bulbs, the ones left in the ground over winter are either finished or blooming now.  A stray spike of Gladiolus Atom is open, most others of this variety finished weeks ago, as did G. papilio.  In pots a seedling of Tigridia pavonia "Sunset in Oz" bloomed this morning, it was similar to what I think the parent must look like.  Tulbaghias and various zephyranthes also are blooming on and off in pots, Z. labuffarosa hybrids look particularly nice.  Nerine laticoma is also blooming in a pot. Ennealophus euryandrus is blooming from bulbs planted in the garden, but they will have to be lifted for winter.  It blooms a long time for a geophytic plant.  In pots Tigridia vanhouttei has been blooming off and on in its pot, it reminds me of Ferraria, but is easier to grow in our climate. Siphonochilus kirkii is blooming, it must be kept in pots and eventually dried off for winter. Three achimenes cultivars are blooming, including Yellow Beauty which came from a PBS offering, if I recall correctly.  Chlorophytum bowkeri blooms a long time, seedpods form while new white flowers open up on the vertical stalks of this species in a pot. Some late hemerocallis hybrids also persist at school and home, thankfully there is no daylily rust in NY.  Lilium speciosum is blooming in a home garden. 
I'm probably overlooking a thing or two, but as Sept approaches with cooler weather many more things come into bloom here, though not necessarily geophytes. 
Ernie DeMarie

Tuckahoe NY Zone 6/7.  
We could use a bit less rain and more sun lately. 

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