Aquatic Crinum

Markus Breier
Thu, 25 Aug 2011 01:22:35 PDT
Hallo all, 

Aquatic Crinums are sold regularly here in Germany in good aquatic shops.
They seem to be from Asian nurseries, then brought to Europe and spreaded by
the companies (e.g. Dennerle, a big company for aquariums and everything you
need for, excellent plants!). 

There are three species you can get without any problems:
Crinum thaianum (also a form with curled leaf)
Crinum calamistratum
Crinum natans
They are in the plant database of Dennerle, too:…
211&lang=en (tip in "Crinum")

I had C. calamistratum and C. thaianum for several years in the aquarium,
but they were not easy plants. They need big tanks, as they have long leafs
and grow very slowly. They also want more nutrients than they get in a fish
tank - but if you put nutrients in the ground, you also feed the algae...
At least they never bloomed.
This spring I gave up all my aquariums. The Crinums came to a friend. 

Best Wishes
Markus Breier
Bavaria, Southern Germany

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