steven hart
Thu, 11 Aug 2011 03:01:34 PDT
Thanks for the heads up Dave :-)

I'm suspicious of everybody now days & I'm just a spring chicken. We live in
a time of cyber crime beyond our understanding. Recently a woman near me was
drugged by a chemical handed to her on a business card.  Its hard to keep a
step ahead of the bad guys but the only way is to keep watching where you

But in my garden i am Emperor of the jewels !

On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 11:59 PM, David Fenwick <> wrote:

> We've had trouble like this before; a few members will remember the ''World
> Bulbs'' saga; which originated in the UK and involved the best bulb images
> from around the web being used to sell South African bulbs from a website
> ''allegedly'' created to aid the fraud. In that instance some bulbs did
> exist, the so called owner of World Bulbs had purchased some bulbs from a
> well known supplier in South Africa and didn't pay for them. Many people
> bought and paid for bulbs that didn't arrive. The owner of the site could
> only be contacted via a post office box.
> The bulbs being offered now may or may not exist; but after what has
> happened in the past it might be interesting to find out who has
> ''originally'' supplied the bulbs, prior to purchasing. It may also help
> prevent the acquisition of illegally collected material as one will have
> the
> option of contacting the original supplier.
> Personally I get very suspicious if a seller does not provide his address
> and phone number.
> Just a thought.
> Best Wishes,
> Dave
> David Fenwick
> Penzance, Cornwall, UK.
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