return of X Boopharyllis

Sat, 20 Aug 2011 21:47:28 PDT
Hello Arnold, et al,
This cross has picked up some traits of both the seed (B.disticha) and pollen (A.belladonna) parents.  The individual florets are about 1/2 the size of A belladonna, but there are generally more florets in the umbel than in the Amaryllis ... between 30-40 ... but 1/4-1/2 the number in mother Boophone.   Here's a shot of one of the maturing blooms from last year:…
Unfortunately, these have proven to be sterile over the last 5 years ... at least unable to produce seed.  I have used their pollen on A.belladonna, which has resulted in seed ... but I suspect probably apomictic.
All 5, possibly six specimens (one has yet to bloom) that I have of this cross seem to form a bulb more like that of Boophone than Amaryllis ... with generally more exposure above the ground, tapering to a more pointed tip like Boophone.  The winter-growing foliage is more like that of Amaryllis, but puts forth a distichous pattern mid-way between Boophone and Amaryllis, with a few leaves askew.
Three of the original six bulbs have split ... one into 3 bulbs, another into two.  The bulb which has never bloomed has spit into 5 bulbs. 
Ken Blackford
San Diego




Interesting images.

What traits do you think the offspring of the cross picked up from the Boophone?

Looks like mostly the Amaryllis.


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