Critters, was Rhodophialia

Roy Herold
Thu, 18 Aug 2011 04:43:10 PDT
Dennis Kramb wrote:
> I'm guessing something cute and fuzzy. 

I was thinking exactly the same thing last week when I found pots of 
narcissus bulbs on the floor of the greenhouse that had been dug up. I 
was convinced it was done by a chipmunk or mouse, so I set some traps. 
Nothing after several days.

Finally, yesterday morning I saw some eyes peeking thru the soil at the 
top of a pot. Aha! A *toad*! He was duly escorted from the greenhouse 
and back to the garden. Fortunately toads do not eat plants, but just 
throw soil and bulbs all over the place.

All of this sounds logical until you realize the toad had to go up a 
step, through a door, through a garage, through another door, and down 
four steps to get into the greenhouse.

I would not at all be surprised if the toad had found his way back into 
the greenhouse yesterday...

NW of Boston

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