Erythrina herbacea no guessing

Wed, 03 Aug 2011 16:21:29 PDT
Those are young Erythrinas alright! I grow the hybrid E.herbacea X E.
crista-galli, also called E. 'bidwilli'. Great plant.

Are the roots of the yellowed plant trying to come out the bottom of the
pot? These guys like space. 

San Diego  

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Ummmm...... I'm really, really, silly.

I complained about no germination on my Erythrina, because I saw an exposed
red seed sitting in a pot full of assorted weeds.

A few moments ago I started poking around trying to find the other seeds so
that I could scarify & soak them.  One was rotten, so I tossed it.  The next
one was viable... and attached to a growing Erythrina plant!!!!  LOL.  At
least I think so.  Upon clearing away the weeds, I seem to have 3 Erythrina
seedlings happily growing.  Can you guys confirm?  Here's a pic...
(I know the plant in lower left is a Viola sororia seedling.)

Can you hazard any guess as to why the big one is yellowing?

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