BX twitchers

Leo A. Martin leo@possi.org
Thu, 15 Dec 2011 09:36:03 PST
I like getting things from the wonderful bulb exchange, and I am amazed at
all the work Dell does. I get the digest form of the messages. I don't get
a chance to check E-mail every day; sometimes, not for a week or more. So
I often miss bulb exchanges.

However, sometimes when I am checking E-mail I see the BX is not yet
closed. I often get most or all of what I request. I realize sometimes I
get something that somebody else might want but did not get.

Not all of us can grow all these things to perfection. But when I do grow
something and get seed, I send it to the BX so the people who missed out
the first time can get it.

I think the people who get things I wanted but missed have the same
attitude. And I take comfort in knowing a lot of the people who have
better conditions than I for some of these plants are frequent
contributors to the bulb exchanges, so I will probably have another chance
at something I really wanted.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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