Dahlia imperialis

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Paul, I assume you harvest the canes before dormancy, and that it is done before planting time.  How are they stored until planting time?  At planting time, are they potted up to root or simply planted directly in the ground?

I have one growing here http://flickr.com/photos/62355127@N06/… would like to propagate it.  I have read of people having good success laying the canes horizontally or at a slight angle in rooting medium.  Any suggestions are appreciated.

Alachua FL
No freezes yet but close (32F this morning for a few minutes)

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> The lavendar and white forms grow like 'weedss in the SF Bay area;
lavendar are generally more robust. IN my garden, they've been blooming
for the last month and despite the very high winds in the last 48rs, few
have broken (which is unusal). They always go dormant for a few months
ink mid winter. We harvest the canes for sale (e.g., $3 for a pair of
nodes) and these will reliably produce a 10+ft blooming plant in the
first year when planted in early spring. They are too large for pots.

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