bug larvae ID in Brunsvigia bulb?

Ken kjblack@pacbell.net
Sun, 18 Dec 2011 12:05:53 PST
I recently dug and disposed of a 16-year old Brunsvigia josephinae bulb <-( .  This bulb had bloomed each year in late Summer, since 2005.  Earlier this year, I had reported and posted a shot of the inflorescence which had fallen over after a strong storm (whereas the other blooming B.josephinae did not.)  Perhaps this was an indication of a brewing problem ... I later posted a shot of what seemed to be rot in the outer old scales on the exposed bulb ... which I attributed to the unseasonable rain.  Unfortunately ... the rot ran or ultimately spread deeper.  The foliage it sent up this Autumn was poorly formed as well as variegated, suggesting virus.  Before disposal, I snapped a couple shots of the foliage and section of the bulb.  There were a number of small white bug larvae of some kind as well as one more developed ... can any of you bug experts ID?  It does not appear similar to the Narcissus fly larvae pictured on the PBS WIKI.
Ken Blackford
San Diego 

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